Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I charge this bike in my campervan?
2. How much does this bike weight?
3. Do I need to pedal?
4. What if I’m a taller or a shorter rider?
5. How long does this bike take to charge?
6. What is the top speed?
7. What pedal-assist options does this bike have?
8. What is the weight limit of the bike?
9. I’m over the 100kg riding limit – will this bike still work for me?
10. Do I need a license to ride this bike?
11. Do you have any finance options available?
12. How powerful is the motor?
13. What brand is the motor?
14. What brand are the brakes?
15. What brand are the tyres?
16. What is it's range?
17. What is covered under warranty?
18. What pressure should my tyres be?
19. Are these bikes made in the UK?
20. Why should I chose Eelo over a competitor?
21. Are these bikes made in the UK?
22. Where can I read reviews of this bike?
23. Apart from the bike itself, is anything else included as standard?
24. Can I take this bike on public transport?
25. What material is the bike's frame?