LED Signal Backpack


Specifically designed to keep cyclists safe at dusk/night time.

eelo Electric Bike

Innovative fold away electric bike. Explore more.

1885 Electric Bicycle

It’s the ideal choice for the train commuter, caravanner, boating enthusiast or those that want to pop it into the car boot and take off to the countryside for the day.

FOLDABLE: The folder as the name suggests can easily be folded to fit into the boot of a car, a boat or a caravan.

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CYGLO - LED Signal Backpack

CYGLO has been specifically designed to keep cyclists safe at dusk/night time. When in use the bright LED signal display will alert motorists of your presence and next intention.

FOUR LED SIGNALS: the cycling signal, left & right turning signal, hazard signal. All operated by a wireless remote control that clips easily to your bike handle bar

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