Why You Should Consider Cycling to Work this Year | eelo Foldable Bike

Although you may never have considered it, there are many reasons to ditch driving to work this year and cycle instead.


Here are the benefits of busting out the bike.



If you’re looking to shift some of those Christmas pounds, cycling into work is the perfect way to do it. Cycling has been proven to increase flexibility and muscle strength whilst reducing body fat, helping to lower blood pressure. There are also proven mental health benefits, with studies showing that regular exercise can have positive effects on stress levels, depression and anxiety.



We all try to do our bit for the environment, from recycling to reducing our food waste. But the next step to making a real difference is reducing how much we use our cars. Cycling to work is the answer, with every 20km round trip saving 1500 kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Not to mention the benefits of less congested roads and the reduction of pollution from car manufacturing facilities.



Although this sounds paradoxical, trust us on this. The more people that cycle the safer the roads become. This is in part due to less people driving cars that can be collided with, but also the more common cycling becomes, the more willing drivers are to alter their behaviour  around pedestrians and cyclists. There’s power in numbers and the more of us that cycle the safer it becomes!



One of the biggest instant benefits of cycling to work is how much money you save. With the cost of fuel and public transport fees amounting to a small fortune, some sites suggest you can save more than £3,000 a year by switching to cycling.


If you do take the plunge and swap to cycling to work the latest eelo bike may make the transition a little easier. With a 250W electric motor the best folding electric bike. 

eelo bike can power you through strong winds and up steep hills making your ride comfortable. It’s ability to fold also makes it perfect for storing in the office or taking on public transport when necessary. Click here to find out more.


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