UK Electric Bike Law You Need to Know

Is a license required to ride an electric bike? What is the maximum allowable power output? Learn more about the UK electric bike law.

Today, e-bikes are incredibly popular. Electric bicycles are the most sought-after vehicle because of how useful and convenient they are for city commuting and how healthy they are.

Many people also saw this device as an excellent opportunity to make some significant changes to how they used to commute to work because of the pandemic's appearance and the restrictions that demanded social isolation.

The e-bike provides convenience and a much healthier option for all ages, focusing on health and physical activity. Electric bike riding is a fantastic and uncommon experience. Due to its various modes, an e-bike generally differs from a regular bike in some ways.

UK Electric Bike Law You Need to Know

UK Electric Bike Law: Is it Legal?

Most e-bikes, electrically assisted pedal bikes or EAPCs, can be used in the UK. They receive the same treatment as regular push bikes. There are some rules and requirements that you must follow:

  • The rider of the E-bike in the UK must be over the age of 14.
  • The electric bike in question must have pedals.
  • The motor of the electric bicycle must not exceed 250W.
  • The e-bike must not go faster than 15.5mph, equivalent to 25km/h.

How About Non-EAPCs?

The UK government considers any electric bicycle that exceeds 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and does not meet the requirements above as a moped or motorcycle. It calls for the vehicle to be taxed, insured, and registered, and the rider to have a valid driver's license.

Additionally, when operating a motor vehicle on a public road, riders are required by law to wear helmets. When you can turn on an electric bicycle's motor without pedalling, the EAPC standards are also broken.

An electric scooter, for instance, falls under Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV) category. Because of this, using an electric bike on public streets and sidewalks is prohibited in the UK.

UK Electric Bike Law You Need to Know

Who Can Ride an Electric Bike?

Here is more information on who can ride an e-bike in the UK.

A person must be at least 14 years old to ride an e-bike if they reside in Scotland, England, or Wales. These countries do not impose taxes, registration fees, or insurance requirements on electric bikes. They also do not require a license.

To operate an e-bike in Northern Ireland, a moped license is required. Residents of Northern Ireland also need to have their e-bikes registered, taxed, and insured.

UK Electric Bike Law: General Regulations

If the bike and the riders of the E-bike satisfy this requirement, they violate the same laws that govern traditional bikes and can be held responsible. The following rules are applicable:

  • A functional front white light and a rear red light are required for cycling at night.
  • The e-bike should also be equipped with reflectors.
  • The front and rear brakes must be functional and in good condition.
  • Drug or alcohol use while operating an e-bike is prohibited.
  • Operate the e-bike safely and with consideration for all other motorists.
  • Ride the electric bikes on the designated cycling path or road by all traffic signals and general traffic laws.
  • Passengers are not permitted.

Throttles: Are They Legal?

In the UK, the "twist and go" throttle is prohibited. It is a component that enables the bike to travel faster than walking speed (4 mph) without using the pedals. When this occurs, the car is categorised as a motorbike and is subject to the same tax and insurance requirements as other cars. It also needs to be registered with the DVLA.

Only throttles that help the rider accelerate without pedalling up to 6 km/h (3.7 mph) have been recognised as legal under UK EAPC regulations. The throttle cuts off if the rider rolls over 6 km/h without pedalling. The throttle can help the rider reach speeds of up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) if they pedal simultaneously.

Bikes purchased before January 1, 2016, are still considered EAPC-certified. They are, therefore, exempt from registration and taxation.

UK Electric Bike Law You Need to Know

Is eelo Compliant with the UK Electric Bike Law?

Since it entered the European market, eelo has been actively expanding its global market. The company has always designed its products with the legality of electric bicycles.

As a result, the eelo 1885 disc explorer does not have powerful motors or throttles, allowing you to ride quickly and safely. Additionally, it has a foldable design that is simple to carry and put together.


The use of e-bikes is typically not subject to strict legal restrictions in the UK electric bike law. It is used the same way as a standard bike. One of the best things you can do for your well-being is to invest in an electric bicycle.

Another best thing you can do is switch to foldable electric bikes. The eelo 1885 disc explorer is ideal for train commuters, caravanners, motorhome owners, or boating enthusiasts. Take the hard work out of cycling and avoid the sweat with electric biking.


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