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The Best Folding Electric Bike: eelo 1885 Review from Bike Radar

The Eelo 1885 is a folding e-bike for those on a budget
The Eelo 1885 is a folding e-bike for those on a budget


Here we have a folding electric bike that a) doesn’t cost the earth and b) won’t require Herculean muscle to move it around.

Okay, so coming in at 14.81kg/32.6lbs it’s hardly a lightweight, but it’s nearly 2kg/4.4lbs lighter than the lightest motorised Brompton. That’s partially down to its alloy frame and finishing kit, but the Eelo’s dinky 14-inch wheels and tyres must also be a factor.

As well as providing the usual pedal assistance that most e-bikes do, the Eelo has a trigger at the handlebar that directs the bike's rear wheel motor to deliver power right up to its 15.5mph cut off — no pedalling required.

Apparently its 36v LG branded lithium battery pack takes up to six hours to charge and will then go on to deliver a healthy range of up to 49 miles (79km). You even get a front light and mudguards.

Let's be honest, it almost looks too good to be true. We’ll be giving it a good go during the New Year to find out if that is the case.

More About eelo EXPLORER 1885 Folding Electric Bike

The eelo 1885 EXPLORER is suitable for rail commuters, caravanners, motorhome owners, and boat enthusiasts. Electric riding takes the effort out of cycling and eliminates perspiration.

When not in use, the folding frame enables you to easily store the bike in the smallest of spaces, such as beneath a work desk, in the trunk of a vehicle, or even in a carry bag. The frame is made of aluminium, making the bike very light at just 16.5kg. (Folded dimensions: 60cm x 38cm x 58cm)

The collaboration with LG resulted in the creation of Advanced Battery Management, which proactively protects the battery from overstressing while pedalling uphill or into high gusts. The battery can be charged in 4-6 hours and go up to 40 kilometres.

The cyclist has total control over how much help the battery provides. The rider may choose to have very little help or to let the battery do all of the work, providing a smooth ride without having to change gears and reaching speeds of up to 15mph.

It is designed to keep the rider informed of their current speed, battery condition, and outside temperature. In addition, the back-lit display has been engineered to be entirely waterproof.

For night riding safety, all eelo bikes are outfitted with high-quality LED lights. Disc brakes significantly shorten the braking distance on motorcycles, increasing rider safety.


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