E-Bike Maintenance: 6 Drivetrain Maintenance Tips

The drivetrain of your e-bike, like that of a regular bicycle, is crucial to maintaining a smooth operation. Here are some tips to help you maintain your drivetrain.

Fortunately, drivetrain maintenance is straightforward to keep up with, saving you money on trips to the bike shop for skipped gears, excessive wear, and replacement parts.

What is the drivetrain of an e-bike?

The group of components known as an e-bike drivetrain propels the vehicle when you pedal. It has the same front chainrings, back cogs and sprockets, chain or belt drive, and gear mechanism as a regular bike.

The drivetrain on an e-bike may also consist of a motor and battery system. Here are the top things you can do to maintain the drivetrain on your e-bike so you can keep riding it for a long time.

1. Maintain a Clean Chain for Your Drivetrain

E-Bike Maintenance: 6 Drivetrain Maintenance Tips

A dirty chain is one of the leading causes of drivetrain wear and malfunctioning gears. E-bike chains are oiled to ensure smooth operation, but the oil also draws dirt.

It causes a black chain, clogging up dirt and debris from regular riding. It decreases gear performance and causes components to wear out faster. Therefore, we advise you to periodically degrease your chain with a suitable degreaser, dry it, and then re-oil it.

It will remove most of the dirt and debris then you can apply new oil applied to ensure everything continues to function correctly.

To have a good surface to apply a lubricant after you have washed your bike, we advise using a drivetrain chain cleaner with a degreaser. It's easier to clean a drivetrain chain, especially if you've just finished a scary ride and your bike is covered in mud.

Getting tough dirt out of every nook and cranny of your drivetrain chain may seem impossible. We advise gently brushing the dirt out of the spaces between each link because of this.

2. Lubricate the Chain

It's crucial to stress that you should regularly oil your chain. It'sIt's a good idea to occasionally re-oil your chain, even if it's still relatively clean, to ensure smooth operation.

A squeaky or dry rattling sound from the chain as you pedal indicates that you need to re-oil it. You can reduce this noise by applying a tiny drop of oil to each chain link, which will also prolong the life of your drivetrain.

Due to the motor's stress on the chain, e-bike chains require more frequent lubrication than regular bike chains. Your transmission will function properly if you regularly lubricate the chain. After every ride, ideally, after cleaning and drying your bike, you should lubricate the drivetrain chain.

E-Bike Maintenance: 6 Drivetrain Maintenance Tips

3. Take Good Care of Your Components

Suppose your e-bike has a traditional derailleur gear-shifting system. In that case, it may also benefit from periodic lubrication to keep the shifting action quick and effective, which makes your ride easier and smoother and your components last longer.

Any springs in your derailleur can be protected and kept in working order by using a lubricant spray like WD40 (ideally, one that can also repel water and drive out dirt). If they are exceptionally grimy, you can use a degreaser to remove any excess gunk, then rinse it off and give it time to dry before using a lubricant spray.

4. Securely Store Your Foldable Electric Bike

You will much better protect your e-bike from accelerated wear if you can keep it covered. At home, this might entail putting it in the garage or shed; at work, you can take advantage of any covered, secure bike storage.

Your e-bike is protected from prolonged exposure to rain and extreme temperatures, which can increase drivetrain wear. It is worthwhile to keep your e-bike stored under cover because even a few degrees warmer storage conditions away from showers can help a wet e-bike and its drivetrain dry a little bit quicker.

E-Bike Maintenance: 6 Drivetrain Maintenance Tips

5. Consult a Specialist

Even if you take excellent care of your e-bike, the drivetrain will eventually begin to wear, just like anything else. However, visiting your local bike shop makes it very simple to track how much wear you're generating.

6. Plan Ahead

Make sure you have a first aid kit, a phone, and a card with your emergency contact information when riding outside your home, in a park, or around a friend's house. It's critical that you can access assistance as soon as possible if something wrong does occur.

Planning is a good idea, whether a minor scrape or something more serious. Skateboarding is enjoyable, but it is possible to get hurt, so it's best to be ready for anything.

E-Bike Maintenance: 6 Drivetrain Maintenance Tips


Maintaining your e-drivetrain bike and gear is essential for its overall performance. If your drivetrain is neglected, causing grinding equipment and your chain to shift as you ride, you won't benefit from a powerful battery.

With an e-bike, power from the motor increases the force on the drivetrain components and can cause increased wear, so it's even more vital that you carry out regular maintenance.

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