E-Bike Buying Guide: 5 Things to Consider When Buying an E-Bike

Buying an e-bike? What are the things you need to consider? Read this e-bike buying guide to know more about e-bikes. E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are gaining in popularity. And it's easy to see why.

E-bikes will assist you on inclines, make longer commutes possible, and allow you to easily pass other cyclists on your Sunday ride. In addition, they are expanding cycling to additional age groups and demographics, thus boosting the number of bicycles on our streets. And they are entertaining.

There are several varieties of e-bikes available, from foldable bicycles to enduro mountain bikes. As with standard bicycles, there are alternatives for almost any riding style. Manufacturers are always producing lighter, longer-lasting, and more powerful batteries. Likewise, prices have been declining.

Then, where do we begin? We've outlined five key considerations when buying an e-bike.

1. Look at Purpose When Buying an E-Bike

Initially, you must consider where and when you will use the e-bike. For instance, do you reside in a city that requires frequent stair climbing and other basic commuting demands? Or maybe you live in a more isolated area and want to use your vehicle off-road.

Due to the motor's assistance in climbing challenging slopes, e-bikes are ideal for carrying additional weights for commuting or shopping. Many have conventional pannier bag rack mounts. But if you need to transport more, such as your children, you have the option of purchasing a cargo-specific e-bike.

Alternatively, if you're interested in leisure rides, battery range and weight may factor into your choice of model.

After determining your demands, there are five broad types of e-bikes from which to choose:

● Electric bicycles
● Motorized mountain bikes
● Hybrid electric bikes
● Foldable electric bicycles
● E-cargo bikes

E-road bikes and e-mountain bikes are both oriented toward performance. Both are intended for long-distance travel and are built for speed. Therefore, their rack choices are restricted, and they may not be as comfortable biking for commuting.

Hybrids are an excellent choice for urban riding. They have an appropriate upright geometry for recreational riding and an abundance of commuting options. However, they are often extremely hefty, which might be an issue if you need to take the bicycle up stairs or on public transportation.

Folding e-bikes are the ideal alternative for urban commuters with little storage space and shorter trips. They fit effortlessly into foldable bike lockers or your home's corridor. Batteries for foldable e-bikes are often smaller, resulting in a shorter range.

They will be heavier than ordinary folding bikes and may not be suitable for transporting over lengthy distances.

2. Look at the Battery Capacity and Output

All e-bikes use various rechargeable lithium-ion battery configurations. It uses the same technology as electric automobiles. They are fast to charge and quite lightweight.

There are a variety of typical placements for the batteries on a bicycle. The battery is often linked to the down tube, where it is readily accessible and removable. Occasionally, it is mounted atop a rear rack, as seen on early iterations of the Lime rental bike.

In more costly models, the battery is built into the seat post or the downtube near the bottom bracket. This results in a cleaner appearance, but at a cost.

For battery size, the basic guideline is to choose the largest and highest-quality battery that your budget permits. It is important to note that when evaluating the range of your e-bike, the capacity will be indicated in Watt-hours (wh).

3. Check the Range

Typically, if you begin your usual travel with a fully charged battery, you will not experience a battery drain. When it comes to charging, the 'range' of your e-bike, or the overall distance you can ride before running out of power, will be crucial.

The greater your range, the less often you will need to recharge your battery. This is where Watt hours (wh) enter the equation. At maximum power, a 300w motor powered by a 300wh battery will empty the battery in one hour (on paper, at least).

In actuality, there are a great many more factors. First, you will never have the battery working at its maximum capacity. It is more probable that you will employ many modes. Some will offer environmental settings that extend battery life, for example.

4. Consider the Weight

Consider the intended usage of your e-bike as well as your riding style in order to comprehend the influence that weight may have.

If you're a road cyclist who intends to ride in groups, you'll likely want a lighter bike. Despite the additional motor assistance, the weight will still affect the performance and control of the bicycle in this region. In addition, if you decide to tackle some hills without the engine, you will not be slowed down by weight.

The weight of the bicycle will have a greater impact while you are not riding the e-bike. If you must carry your bike up flights of stairs, on and off crowded trains, or even into a car rack, the added weight will be difficult to handle on a daily basis.

5. Price

The price of e-bikes has been decreasing since they are no longer luxury items. The availability of e-bikes on cycle to work programmes makes this price more reasonable, but it may still seem pricey.

Ultimately, the price will depend on how often you anticipate using the bicycle and, of course, your budget. Carbon fibre and other premium materials are anticipated to be used in the construction of high-end road and mountain bike models. These may weigh less and perform better, but they are much more expensive.


Buying an e-bike might be difficult. Although there are a variety of e-bikes available to fit a variety of uses, the easiest method to choose which model is right for you is to determine what you'll use it for, how frequently, and where, and then prioritise the features based on your budget.

Before purchasing an e-bike, it might be advantageous to ride one first. You should feel comfortable with it and be certain that it will satisfy your day-to-day demands.

Please contact us if you are considering purchasing a new ebike but are unsure about which type to buy.

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