8 Best Places to Enjoy Electric Bike Rides in the UK

Electric bike rides are so much fun! There are many fantastic places and rides around the UK where you can make the most of an electric bike. Find out more.

The only difference between riding an e-bike and a regular bike is that you have to be older than 14 to ride one on a public highway. Any bike, electric or not, cannot be ridden on a sidewalk unless there is a designated cycle lane. Any cycle lane and road are legal places to ride an e-bike, but the motorway is not one of them.

Fast-growing cycling infrastructure makes it simple to ride safely alongside roads. Many parks have designated bike paths or peaceful paths away from pedestrians. Here is a list of the best e-bike riding locations in the UK if you need some route inspiration.

8 Best Places to Enjoy Electric Bike Rides in the UK

Electric Bike Ride Location #1: London Cycleways

Although you might not think of London as a safe place to use an e-bike, the city has some of the best and most advanced cycling infrastructures in the UK. By 2024, Transport for London intends to have built 450 km of new cycling routes. These routes will include "Quietways" and "Cycle Superhighways," which integrate bike lanes into the current road network and prioritize them over motor traffic.

Electric Bike Ride Location #2: Yorkshire Dales Cycleway

Yorkshire, also known as "God's Country," is home to some of the UK's most picturesque roads and bike bridleways. It's also a well-liked domestic vacation destination. It is gaining popularity among cyclists from all over the UK, making it the ideal place to get outside and explore the great outdoors and countryside on a bike.

Even though the terrain in Yorkshire can be pretty hilly, an e-bike can help make summits much more achievable (even easy! ) and help you travel further. You can tackle ascents like Kidstones Pass, which gained notoriety when the Tour de France bicycle race passed through it in 2014. You can also ride portions of the Yorkshire Dales Cycleway or any of the trails in the area that are a part of the National Cycle Network.

8 Best Places to Enjoy Electric Bike Rides in the UK

Electric Bike Ride Location #3: Sherwood Forest, Nottingham

At Sherwood Forest, there are five mountain bike trails and cycle routes based on experience and difficulty levels. The Kitchener's Trail, the Adventure Trail, and the Family Cycle Trail are the best for e-biking.

The Family Cycle Trail is a simple 3-mile loop that includes a forest introduction and comprises peaceful forest roads and light off-road trails.

The Adventure Trail is a 6-mile loop that connects to the Family Cycle Trail. It offers the chance to experience off-road trails, and because the terrain may be uneven, it's an excellent opportunity to start the e-bike motor.

A fast single-track trail that loops around the forest, the Kitchener's Trail is about 8 miles long. Although the terrain can be physically taxing, it might not be an issue if you use an e-bike. If you attempt the route, be aware that it is intended for experienced cyclists.

Electric Bike Ride Location #4: Scottish Highlands, Fort William

The Scottish Highlands and lowland regions like Lothian can offer stunning scenery with their cycling routes if you're based in the northern part of the UK. It is the place for you if you enjoy the sense of isolation that comes with cycling.

Considering the size of the Scottish Highlands, planning your routes is necessary. However, with an e-bike, you can cycle farther and for longer thanks to the motor's assistance. You can find several biking trails in Fort William, which is also well-known for being close to the lochs, which add even more beauty to your route.

8 Best Places to Enjoy Electric Bike Rides in the UK

Electric Bike Ride Location #5: Wollaton Park Circular, Nottingham

Wollaton Park has a family-friendly cycle route with a few climbs but no difficult terrain, making it a lovely place to visit the park's roaming deer. Because it is entirely off-road and situated within the grounds surrounding the hall, this route is ideal for families or beginners. You can finish the approximately four-mile course at the visitor centre cafe in one to two hours, during which time you can feed the ducks on the lake.

Electric Bike Ride Location #6: Lake District

One of the most well-liked places in the nation to travel and the bike is the Lake District. Thanks to its outstanding natural beauty, wide-open moorland spaces, and country woodland, it provides incredible opportunities for families and enthusiasts to get the most out of their bikes or e-bike.

A network of routes in the Whinlatter and Grizedale forests, accommodating both novice and expert riders, is ideal for electric mountain bikers. In the meantime, families and hybrid bikers have access to location-specific cycle paths and routes, including the National Cycle Network paths. You can usually book guided cycle tours if someone else plans your way.

Electric Bike Ride Location #7: Bike Park Wales

One of the best mountain biking destinations in the UK is Bike Park Wales, which is equally suited to novices and experienced riders. Each loop is colour coded according to your experience level, similar to a network of ski runs. A beginner's route is designated green, while an expert's route is defined as black, with intermediate and advanced courses in between.

8 Best Places to Enjoy Electric Bike Rides in the UK

Electric Bike Ride Location #8: The New Forest – Brockenhurst, Lyndhurst, and Burley

The New Forest in the south of England has quickly gained a reputation as a haven for cyclists. A true haven with routes for road, mountain, and hybrid bike riders, it may be one of the best places for family-friendly riding, which is essential to many.

Nearly endless trails can be found in and around the New Forest, passing through or close to places like Brockenhurst, Lyndhurst, and Burley. In addition, while many national parks have rugged terrain, the New Forest has a great mix of rolling and flat geography. The villages throughout the county make excellent pit stops for refreshments and rest.


Whether riding for fun, commuting, or just for a quick trip to the store, we all want to get the most out of our bikes and feel secure while doing so. The good news is that there are plenty of cycle parks and centres where you can make the most of your two-wheeled friend away from traffic, and cycling infrastructure is quickly developing to sit alongside our existing road network.

8 Best Places to Enjoy Electric Bike Rides in the UK

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