10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

With bike touring, you have total freedom to explore fully, take in your surroundings, and encounter new cultures. The chance to go on a sensory adventure while free to follow your feet. It sounds exciting, doesn't it?

With bike touring, you can control where and how long you stay. When cycling, you can take advantage of experiences like wanting to stop for a quick dip in that waterfall, having your taste buds tickled by something tangy and spicy, or finding the ideal spot to watch the sunset.

The best way to travel to new places and explore the ones you've already been to is by bicycle. Here are the reasons why.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

1. Bike Touring Lets You Feel Free

There is nothing like the freedom to travel and the flexibility to explore. When you travel by car, bus, train, or aeroplane, you completely miss out on much of a nation or even a continent. You can travel whenever and wherever you want to with a bike, thanks to bike touring.

Travelling is about experiencing a place for yourself, including the sights, the people, the food, and the smells. This experience is impossible to have if you race through entire regions to get to the next stop on your travel itinerary. Your travels will be much more leisurely because biking gives you a sense of freedom without having to leave early to check in or rush to catch public transportation.

Additionally, there are no lines, delays, or traffic. Just you and the road are there. You control how far and when you travel. No problem if your trip takes a different path.

You are a traveller, and since you are in charge of the saddle, you are free to go wherever your heart or senses take you.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

2. Bike Touring Improves Your Cycling Skills

You won't likely be able to ride your bicycle for long distances without any problems. Even if you believe you have several amounts of bike-related creativity, you might surprise yourself. When these unfortunate malfunctions happen, your intuition manages to kick in, and you'll find that changing an inner tube is simpler than you think.

At first, all of this biking may seem intimidating, and it is. However, you must rely on your abilities and knowledge when survival mode sets in. But living on the road teaches you a lot about independence. It also teaches you how much more expensive labour is than doing it yourself.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

3. Bike Touring Sharpens Your Senses

 When you spend days, weeks, or months experiencing the outdoors 24 hours a day, your senses will come alive, unlike any other experience. There is no way to escape the weather; you will experience the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the rain on your head, and the cold through your clothing in a new way.

How much more will you enjoy a forest if you cycle at 10 km/h for ten hours instead of driving at 100 km/h for an hour? You will feel alive inside and out thanks to the heightened senses you experience while biking all day. Nothing is more enjoyable than going rather than arriving.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

4. Bike Touring Allows You to Meet People

When you stop in a town, people see you as a traveller rather than a tourist. A fully loaded bicycle symbolises an adventure and a challenging physical journey to get to your destination.

Because people are naturally curious, you quickly gain respect for your efforts and sense of adventure. It frequently results in invitations to be hosted or a free meal, in my experience.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

5. Bike Touring Allows You to Practice Mindfulness

Most of us spend most of our time in the past or future. You might become distracted when you are in front of an open road. Bike touring will expose your senses to the weather and landscapes.

It will also give you the much-needed time to address several problems or difficulties preventing you from moving forward in your regular life because you are not dealing with the usual distractions of a typical day.

Additionally, you will make many joyful memories from your daily successes—all beneficial factors for mental health.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

6. Bike Touring Makes Your Body Move More

Cycling is an excellent form of exercise. However, if you bike 50 to 100 km per day for several weeks or months at a time, you'll get a ton of exercise and reap all the advantages of being physically active. Improved strength, endurance, healthy weight loss, joint mobility, and cardio are some advantages of biking exercise.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

7. Bike Touring Pushes You to Learn About Yourself

When you travel by bike, you may experience loneliness or uncertainty if things don't go according to plan. Few people are accustomed to bicycling 50 to 100 km daily.

There might be issues that need your attention. These are the typical difficulties that arise when biking. More importantly, you get to overcome them and feel proud of yourself.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

8. Bike Touring Gets You New Friends

Gain new acquaintances everywhere. People love to be a part of a great story, whether or not you share your journey on social media. You should also be ready for many casual conversations, deeper conversations, and hosting invitations that result in friendships because you are more approachable to locals.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

9. Bike Touring is Eco-Friendly

It is an environmentally friendly method of transportation. Bikes do not consume fossil fuels. You also lead a minimalist lifestyle because you only carry what you need.

By teaching you to live on less, bike touring will alter how you live. You might decide to give up your home car once you realise how simple it is to get around on a bike.

10 Reasons Bike Touring is the Best Way to Travel

10. Bike Touring Lets You Find Your Power

Find out how powerful you are. It might seem physically impossible to bike 1,000, 10,000, or more kilometres. It might sound awful to spend weeks or months sleeping in a tent.

The scariest thing in the world may sound like travelling alone in a foreign country. It may seem impossible to solve problems when no one is available to assist. But they are more attainable than you might imagine.

Over time, you will find overcoming them more accessible and manageable. And as a result, you'll leave with a fresh set of emotional abilities and a more secure version of yourself. When a travelling cyclist needs assistance, it is amazing how quickly a stranger will step in.


Everything seems pretty incredible, right? Since it is! One of the best modes of transportation is cycling. It's an opportunity to experience the surroundings and acquaintances you make entirely.

As you move slowly, you can experience so much more. It feels like a true adventure to spend the day outside, surrounded by the natural world and developing resourcefulness. To try it out, you don't need to have a lot of knowledge or equipment.

After enjoying all these benefits of a bike tour, perhaps for the first time, you won't be content to simply visit countries or locations as a tourist when you can explore these locations as a traveller.

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