10 Camping Hacks to Make Your Camping Enjoyable

Looking for camping hacks that can make your camping extra enjoyable? In this blog post, we'll share a few camping tips and tricks! Read on!

Camping enables you to reconnect with the still majesty of nature and unwind with family and friends while recharging your batteries. Some people enjoy the "roughing it" aspect of camping, but why not use some homemade ingenuity to simplify your next camping trip?

Here are some of our favourite camping tips to use this weekend. Not only are these camping hacks clever, but they're also straightforward to use. The best part is that a lot of them will help you save time, money, space, and weight.

1. Bring Your Folding Electric Bike as One of the Camping Hacks

10 Camping Hacks to Make Your Camping Enjoyable

You probably enjoy being outside if you enjoy camping. Therefore, maintaining the land's beauty is undoubtedly in your best interests. One of the best ways to do this is to avoid driving and riding a bike. Transportation in the US accounts for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions. If more people opted to bike instead of drive a car, that enormous amount could be significantly decreased.

You can get around on a folding electric bike. Additionally, because folding electric bikes are typically portable and light, they are frequently the best kinds of electric bikes for camping. When folded up, electric bikes are frequently smaller, which is advantageous when travelling. Therefore, you must choose a light folding electric bike if your environment demands it, not only for storage but also for lifting and transferring.

Although they are frequently much smaller than conventional electric bikes, the best folding electric bikes provide the same functionality and riding experience as full-sized electric bikes. The best electric bikes for camping must be enjoyable first and foremost. This covers riding comfort, the distance a battery can travel before running out, and the variety of colours offered for foldable electric bikes.

2. Make a DIY Lantern

All you require is a large water bottle or gallon jug, along with your headlamp. Any translucent bottle will work, but the effect is best when the plastic has a slight sheen, allowing you to see the water sloshing around inside while remaining somewhat transparent.

Once it is dark, fasten the headlamp to the jug's side with the beam facing inward. The water jug changes into a cool, luminous orb that shines everywhere! This works because the water in the jug scatters the light, which is then further dispersed by the container's milky plastic.

Anywhere you need ambient light, this makeshift lantern works excellent. Your night just got a lot easier, whether you need to start a campfire, clean up the picnic table, or look for something inside your tent.

3. Keep the Contents of Your Bag Dry

10 Camping Hacks to Make Your Camping Enjoyable

When camping, the weather is crucial, and experienced campers know that you can never be too ready for Mother Nature's unpredictable moods. Nothing to worry about once you are warm and dry inside your tent unless you cannot get warm or dry because the rain has soaked your bag and all of its contents.

This camping hack provides the best cost-benefit ratio: a single trash bag in exchange for warmth and dryness. Simply place all your items inside your backpack after lining the interior with a trash bag. You can be confident that you will have dry clothes and a dry sleeping bag for your trip for the price of a trash bag, which is somewhere between a nickel and a dime.

Avoiding wearing wet clothing is crucial for both your safety and comfort. Take this easy precaution to prevent this problem because wearing a damp dress can quickly make you sick.

4. Bread Tag Can Be Your Clothespins

One of the most underappreciated products in existence is bread tags. They carefully close bread bags but are rarely used for anything else before being discarded. We, therefore, challenge you to use them as clothespins on your upcoming camping trip the next time you finish a loaf of bread.

It can take up a lot of space inside a bag to pack enough clothespins for a family's laundry, so this is one of our best camping hacks for families. Bread tags are inexpensive and take up very little room in your pack. So set aside a small dish and begin gathering the bread tags.

Your clothes will soon be dried and firmly attached to the line as they work in the sunshine.

5. Gallon Jugs of Water as Ice Packs

10 Camping Hacks to Make Your Camping Enjoyable

On a camping trip, it can be challenging to pack ice. It quickly melts and transforms into a watery mess, so any food packaging that isn't plastic will quickly get wet and squishy. 

Gallon jugs of water can be frozen and placed in your cooler as an alternative to adding ice. These jugs have space for expansion during freezing, so they won't crack when frozen. You won't need to carry any additional water because you'll have drinking water available as the ice melts and turns into water.

Even with individual bottles, this works! Water is necessary for a camping trip but also cumbersome, so keep that in mind when packing. Therefore, bring more water than you'll need for drinking, but avoid getting the water that will go to waste, like ice that will quickly melt and become unusable.

This trick addresses both issues by turning your ice into extra drinking water after it has kept your food cold.

6. Create a Makeshift Grommet

When you need them the most, tarp grommets quickly and frequently wear out. A relatively small ring is under enormous strain, frequently causing the tarp fabric to rip loose. It's essential to keep in mind this camping tip if the grommets on your tarp are worn out.

Place a small, roundish pebble the size of a golf ball in the spot where you would typically put a grommet. Make an "O" with your finger and thumb on the tarp's underside, then push the rock through the O with the tarp underneath it. With your finger and thumb, pinch off the tarp and then firmly tie a line around it.

Another advantage is that because the strain from the line is dispersed over a larger tarp area, this temporary grommet will hold much better than a regular one.

7. Sage to Repel Mosquitoes

10 Camping Hacks to Make Your Camping Enjoyable

The presence of mosquitoes can ruin a wonderful camping trip. It's a great camping skill to be able to repel them without dousing yourself in potentially harmful amounts of bug spray. Next time you go camping, pack a few bundles of sage.

Burn a little sage with your fire once the sun has set and the campfire is going. Alternately, for a more enduring effect, light the sage on fire and allow it to smoulder and smoke by the campfire's edge. Sage smoke naturally repels mosquitoes, so you'll notice a significant decrease in their presence around you.

Although they may be present at any time of day, mosquitoes are usually most active at dawn and dusk. It's best to be ready at those times with some burning sage.

8. Store Spices Inside Straw Sections

This one requires a little more planning than just throwing some unfortunate Doritos into your bag, but it saves a ton of space and makes packing and unpacking for camping trips a breeze. The lack of seasonings and spices in the woods frequently restricts our ability to prepare food.

Curry powder, chilli powder, and rosemary don't come in travel pouches, so we usually have to make do with salt and pepper bottles.

To use this hack, you must cut plastic straws into short segments, melt one end with a candle, and then fill the straw piece with your preferred spice. Simply cut a longer length of straw if you want more of the ingredient. Once you've sealed the other end, you'll have a waterproof, incredibly portable collection of spices at your disposal in the wilderness.

9. Glue Sandpaper Inside the Top of Your Match Holder

10 Camping Hacks to Make Your Camping Enjoyable

When you go camping, matches are a must-have item, but it seems like they break down too frequently. They get wet, the case receives dampness, or the strike pad becomes smooth due to wear and tear. Using this camping hack, you can be sure that your matches will be available when you need them.

To attach it to the matchbox, purchase fine-grained sandpaper that ideally has adhesive on one side. In that case, some glue will work. A small waterproof container holding your matches should have the sandpaper attached to the inside of the lid.

The waterproof container will protect the sandpaper in addition to providing a sizable, rough surface for striking. No more damp matches, wet strike pads, or worn-out strikers!

10. Keep a Pair of Socks Exclusive for Sleeping Only

The mental and emotional comfort provided by a fresh pair of socks is difficult to put into words. Wearing one can do wonders for your spirit. If you like to wear socks to bed, consider keeping one pair on hand for sleeping purposes only.

Even thin ankle socks will do; they don't have to be thick hiking socks. Even if you can't shower, wearing a fresh pair of dry socks will help your body distinguish between the comfort of nighttime and the activities of the day.

Wearing them will make you more comfortable and prevent your sleeping bag from becoming contaminated with the dust, dirt, bark, splinters, pine needles, and other items attached to your socks.


Camping enables you to reconnect with the still majesty of nature and unwind with family and friends while recharging your batteries. Not only are these camping hacks clever, but they're also effortless to use. The best part is that a lot of them will help you save time, money, space, and weight.

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