10 Bicycle Camping Tips for Your Foldable Electric Bike

Going on a bicycle camping? In this blog, we'll discuss the 10 best bicycle camping tips the next time you bring your foldable electric bike.

Although it can be intimidating, camping while on a bike tour is one of the most rewarding activities. Some individuals link biking and camping. However, some people decide not to bring their bikes with them when they go camping.

A straightforward fold up electric bike can make a camping trip better than it would be without it. Unfortunately, bike camping offers a lot of exciting experiences.

We’ve compiled bicycle camping tips for those new to camping or who would like a refresher. Shelter, water, food, and safety are the four main categories into which these suggestions are divided.

1. Bicycle Camping Tips? Bring a Reliable Tent!

10 Bicycle Camping Tips for Your Foldable Electric Bike

Your foldable electric bike tour tent should be as light and compact as possible, waterproof, and free of any holes. Purchase a new one if the one in your basement cannot handle the task. Choose something that will keep you and your cycling partner(s) warm, dry, and safe because this will be your home for the upcoming week or month. Here is the shelter option we like the best.

2. Clothing Protects You, Too!

Your camping comfort will increase if you wear the proper clothing. Bring layers that can dry quickly and are warm enough for the temperatures at night.

3. Bring More Water

10 Bicycle Camping Tips for Your Foldable Electric Bike

Drinkable water is the essential item a touring cyclist needs. Even when you'd prefer to lighten your load, it's always preferable to have too much water than not enough. Carry enough water when leaving for your campsite to use for cooking, drinking, and rehydrating the following morning. That equates to 2 to 3 litres of water for me.

4. Make a Call in Advance

It is best to call ahead and confirm the water is still available if you intend to camp at a site with potable water. Wells can occasionally stop working, or certain facilities can close abruptly. If you can't make a call in advance, bring a few extra items just in case.

5. To Cook or Not to Cook?

10 Bicycle Camping Tips for Your Foldable Electric Bike

You might be surprised to learn that you don't always need to bring a cook stove on your bike tour. Without one, I've pedalled and camped for 7,000 miles. Depending on your route, financial situation, dietary requirements, and personal preferences, you might or might not need a stove.

6. The More Snacks, The Merrier

It's preferable to overeat food than not enough, just like water. If you run out of food sources, keep a few protein bars or other high-energy snacks.

7. Preparation is Key!

Spend some time investigating the campgrounds that are nearby. Do they have colder nights and higher elevations? Is any wildlife here?

Do you have to bring your own "bear safe container" for storing food? The more preparation you do in advance, the more comfortable you'll feel slumbering under the stars.

8. Let There be Light! (ALWAYS)

10 Bicycle Camping Tips for Your Foldable Electric Bike

Bring at least two light sources, such as a headlamp and a handheld flashlight. The ability to see your surroundings at night is essential for safety, so bring extra batteries and keep a backup light source nearby.

9. Be Ready in Case of Emergency

In case you need to call for assistance, make sure to have a functional cell phone, radio transmitter, GPS beacon, or another signalling device with you. Additionally crucial is a little first aid kit.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice

Nothing is more practical—or enjoyable—as you get ready for a bike tour than a backyard camping trip. Set up a temporary campsite close to your house before you leave for your big adventure.

Practice pitching your tent, lighting your stove, and spending the night outside. You'll discover which equipment you absolutely must have and can do without.


Camping on a bike tour is one of the most rewarding activities, even though it can be intimidating. Some people equate camping and biking. Some individuals, however, opt not to take their bicycles camping with them. A simple foldable electric bike can improve a bicycle camping trip over one that wouldn't have one. Sadly, bike camping provides a lot of unique experiences.

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