10 Best Motorhome Accessories You Need

Looking for the right motorhome accessories to make your life easier and safer? Here's a list of motorhome accessories that you might need!

But first, what's a motorhome? How is it different from a campervan?

A campervan is often a vehicle that has been adapted so that it may be used to sleep, cook, and travel. A motorhome is a home-away-from-home for which comfort was designed from the outset. It often has a longer wheelbase, making it larger than the usual van.

If you like motorhome travel, you understand that having the proper equipment makes all the difference. In today's post, we will discuss eleven motorhome accessories that will make your RVing life simpler, safer, and more enjoyable.


1. Folding Electric Bike: It's One of the Best Motorhome Accessories

Motorhomes and eBikes are the ideal pair, since an eBike gives you the flexibility to explore your surroundings after parking your motorhome at your location. And, realistically speaking, a folding electric bike is frequently the most suitable sort of eBike for motorhome owners, since they take up less room than other eBikes, making them simple to store, and are often lightweight.

10 Best Motorhome Accessories You Need

Folding electric bikes tend to be somewhat smaller than other available eBikes, which is a benefit while travelling; simple storage is essential for eBike-motorhome compatibility. Therefore, choosing a lightweight folding eBike is essential, not just for storage but also for lifting and transporting, should your environment need it.

Although folding electric bikes are often significantly smaller than conventional eBikes, the finest folding electric bikes provide the same functionality and riding experience as full-sized electric bikes.

The finest electric bikes for motorhomes must be enjoyable above anything else. This includes not only the variety of colours a foldable eBike may be available in, but also the riding comfort, engine noise, and range before running out of battery.

2. Motorhome Bike Rack

Motorhomes are fantastic for travelling across the country or farther away, but once you get at your destination, there is no better way to explore than by bicycle. Numerous cycling lanes in the United Kingdom enable you to explore the countryside, so be sure to include a bike rack on your list of motorhome accessories so you may bring bicycles along.

 10 Best Motorhome Accessories You Need - Bike Rack

3. Motorhome Awnings

A lack of room is one of the main drawbacks of a motorhome vacation, so if this is an issue for you, a motorhome awning is the ideal addition. There are a variety of awnings to choose from.

4. Fold-Up Outdoor Furniture

When the weather is pleasant and you are parked at your campground, nothing beats sitting outdoors and taking in the scenery. Ensure that you take some foldable furniture with you so that you may camp outside the entrance of your RV and enjoy the warm nights.

There are excellent space-saving choices available to ensure that they do not use too much of your important storage space.

10 Best Motorhome Accessories You Need - Outdoor

5. Satellite TV

Today, we are so used to being able to watch satellite television whenever we want that the notion of going a few weeks without it does not appeal to many people. If this describes you, you might consider putting satellite in your motorhome.

It is simpler than you think, and now that analogue TV is being phased out, it is one of your few options to continue getting TV while travelling.

6. Wi-Fi Booster

Many campgrounds provide free Wi-Fi, but if your campsite is more than a few hundred metres from the source of the signal, you may not be able to access it. If being connected to the internet is vital to you, you may purchase gadgets that attach to your RV and enable you to pick up a Wi-Fi signal from much farther away.

10 Best Motorhome Accessories You Need - WiFi booster

7. Games

Motorhome vacations are wonderful for family time, but be sure to have entertainment, particularly if you are traveling with children. You may also get a variety of travel-sized board games, which take up less room. If you need some ideas on what to play, check out our article on the 15 Best Camping Games, which includes terrific suggestions for all-weather games.

8. Battery-Operated Lanterns

While enjoying a glass of wine on your patio furniture, battery-operated lanterns are a terrific complement to your campervan since they give illumination. As long as you remember to bring batteries, you'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors long after the sun sets.

9. Hammock

The beautiful thing about camping is that there are often many large, sturdy trees, so if you can find a spot near them, it will be simple to hang a hammock. In addition, a hammock folds up quite compactly, so it takes up little room while travelling. On a nice summer day, what could be more peaceful than lounging in a hammock?

10 Best Motorhome Accessories You Need - Hammock

10. Barbecue

Your motorhome may have a fully-equipped kitchen, but nothing screams "vacation" quite like an outside grill. You may also get disposable ones so you don't have to find a place to keep them for the remainder of your vacation.


With these great motorhome accessories, your motorhome should become a home away from home. Having the proper equipment makes all the difference. Moreover, motorhomes and eBikes are the perfect combination, since an eBike allows you to explore your surroundings after parking your RV. And, practically speaking, a folding electric bike is generally the most appropriate kind of eBike for motorhome owners, since they take up less space than other eBikes, making them easy to store, and they are typically lightweight.

Please contact us promptly if you are considering purchasing a new folding electric bike but are unsure about which type to buy.

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