eelo 1885 Disc eBike - New Folding Electric Bike
eelo 1885 Disc eBike: lightweight design
eelo 1885 Disc eBike: lightweight design eelo 1885 Disc eBike: powerful electric motor eelo 1885 Disc eBike: in black or white finish eelo 1885 Disc eBike: compact folding ebike eelo 1885 Disc eBike: onboard cycle computer eelo 1885 Disc eBike: folding electric bicycle eelo 1885 Disc eBike: lightweight and solid construction
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 The new 1885 Disc is a high-performance folding bike with the latest eelo technologies. The ideal choice for the everyday commuter or those that want to explore the countryside for the day. With new disc brakes and 3-speed brushless motor, it is a powerful folding bike.

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Eelo 1885 Disc  – 6 things you need to know


E-Drive is eelo's newest technology to feature on our latest e-bikes. E-Drive takes e-bike riding to the next level with fully automated pedal assistance, leaving you to simply enjoy the ride. 


The brushless 250W Motor and eelo's Intelligent Controller guarantee you the most responsive and energy efficient ride experience. All EELO™ e-bikes can comfortably take you up any hill and make riding easy against strong winds..


For durability, strength and motor protection the new 1885 Disc has multi-spoke alloy wheels.
The new eelo comes with disc brakes for extra security. We have updated our ebike for maximum safety and ease of use.


The folder as the name suggests can easily be folded to fit into the boot of a car, a boat or a caravan. 


For the added protection of your electric bicycle, eelo e-bikes are equipped with an advanced battery management system. The E-BMS intelligently monitors and protects your battery and motor to prevent damage caused by overstrain. Recently eelo has partnered with LG to provide even better battery quality and performance.


We have developed our latest LCD display for maximum functionality and ease of use. The LED back-lit screen is fully waterproof with a high-quality finish and a clean look.
There are three operational displays, Speed, Battery consumption monitor, Outside temperature.

"Let's be honest, it almost looks too good to be true"


Max speed: 15.5 mph
Max combined mileage: 40 miles
Battery: 36V 7.8Ah LG randed lithium battery
Charging time: 3-4 Hours
Motor Power: 250W High-speed brushless motor
Whole Size: 155cm*60cm*105cm
Weight: 16.6kg
Folded Size:  42cm x 52cm
Handlebar height: 80-103cm (adjustable)
Seat height: 70-98cm (adjustable)
Wheel Size: 14" alloy wheels
Max load: 100kg

Plus a FREE eelo Cyglo Backpack!

CYGLO product has been specifically designed to keep cyclists safe at dusk/night time. When in use the bright LED signal display will alert motorists of your presence and next intention.

FOUR LED SIGNALS: the cycling signal, left & right turning signal, hazard signal. All operated by a wireless remote control that clips easily to your bike handlebar


: The backpack is made from water resistant nylon fabric material. It provides strength and long-lasting performance.

It works for 20 hours on each charge of its lithium battery.

BRIGHT: Strong LED lights and reflective materials help you stand out on the road