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Our power assisted electric bike allows you to focus on the scenery and not the power of your pedal. And the simple to use throttle means you can just sit back and enjoy!

eelo 1885 Disc Pro

MAX SPEED: 15.5 mph
MOTOR POWER: 250W High-speed brushless motor
WHEEL SIZE: 14" alloy wheels
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eelo 1885 Disc Pro
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  • eelo 1885 DISC EXPLORER
  • eelo 1885 DISC EXPLORER
  • eelo 1885 DISC EXPLORER
  • eelo 1885 DISC EXPLORER
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What our customers say

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Andrew Hyman


I bought an eelo bike last week. I have now done 46 miles and love the bike. I was a bit worried about the wheel size at 14". I am 6ft 2 hence on the upper limit of the recommended height and I have no problem riding the bike and or the wheel size. If anything it is better as it is so compact when folded when compared to other bikes. Plus Gareth and his team are so helpful. So definitely recommend this bike.

Pete Sullivan


Been looking for a long time but so many on the market settled for the eelo and so glad I did mid-priced but everything you need, no derailer to go wrong, 3 gears, no assist, pedal-assist or just use the thumb switch and enjoy the ride, easy to fold and great battery life, fantastic commuter, would highly recommend. Great after sales team.

Manchester Fox


eelo 1885 disc.... Fantastic for getting to the office without looking like I've just run a marathon - but still having a workout! Also spot on for going into the back of the motorhome because it folds up really well.

Assisted mode is great because I still do the vast majority of the peddling, but it ensures you keep at a consistent speed the whole time. I'm 13st 7lbs, 6ft and it's bang on. I've got a pannier bag on the rack so I don't have to take a backpack and I even clip a backpack onto the pannier which stays on the side and carries my MacBook Pro if I want to go to the station.

I'm sure I could've spent a few quid less on another brand but this is the perfect example of getting what you pay for;

It's light and even fits in the boot of my SmartFourTwo Cabriolet! Built in light is ace, as is the rear seat post one.

It was an impulse purchase at the NEC Motorhome show, but one that I'm mega happy with and use it almost daily.



I like this bike very sturdy build very quick to fold away and also so easy to unfold and get road ready again I like the controls just push a button to change the gears up or down no chains jumping off the sprockets no dirty hands putting it back on either as for the throttle lever on a hill just a press and the bike takes off (never had that on my last bike)

Mr. G. Le Brocq


Excellent piece of kit. Does what it says on the description. Had first class service from the seller. Delivery etc; I had a problem with the LCD display, possibly knocked in transit. Supplier sent a replacement within days. Very easy to change.Anyone looking for a foldable electric cycle, have a serious look at this model.



Bought to take in a motorcaravan where folded size is important. It folds really small, seems sturdy, goes well. Really pleased with it. I have only had one trip on it, about 6 miles, on unmade cycle track, all went well. It is better than I expected it to be.



We have spent 100’s of hours designing and manufacturing the lightest bike to fit all your needs.

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Cut traffic, ride up hills, into the wind and fly between meetings; always arriving fresh and on time when using our effortless throttle.

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