The new eelo 1885 Folding Electric Bike goes Disc
The new eelo 1885 Folding Electric Bike goes Disc


Sometimes things are worth the wait.
This November we are launching our newest electric foldable electric bike, the eelo 1885 Disc.
The eelo 1885 Disc will include new features such as an updated computer, new alloy wheels and uprated brakes. 


eelo 1885 Disc

Besides being lightweight for its class, super small, foldable and cool looking, we've packed everything into this little electric bike that an urban commuter could wish for!

- Light: We kept the same design without sacrificing comfort, size, safety and cool looks with more features for your comfort and safety by adding less than 2kg!

- Alloy wheels complete with improved all-weather tyres for smooth, safe and comfortable riding in all urban scenarios.

Vented disc brakes because we know that riding in an urban environment means that you have to rely on your brakes.

- Improved bike computer easy to use in hybrid mode and you can choose to never use the throttle again.

- New improved battery with a quicker charging time (2-3 hours) because we know commuters are always in a rush and you can charge it between meetings.

The idea behind these improvements came from our CTO Matthew Roblin, a daily commuter and triathlete. As a personal project, he wanted to see if he could make this bike safer and the speed control easier to use. Matthew found he could and the eelo 1885 Electric Bike has developed from there.


By Migena Marina

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